The word VÉDA which means “Knowledge, Wisdom” is derived from the root VID– “To Know“.  Veda Word Derived from VID which means Knowledge. Vedas are a large body of Sanskrit texts originating in ancient India. It is considered revelations seen by Maharshi or Rishi (Ancient Sages) after intense meditation, and texts that have been more carefully preserved since ancient times.  Vedas to be considered as “APAURUEYA”, which means “Not of A Man, Superhuman” and “Impersonal, Authorless”. Vedas are also called ŚRUTI (“What Is Heard”), Literature from Natural Law.

Its origin dates back to 1600 BC; the Rig Veda, the oldest of all the Vedas is said to be authored in and around 1600 BC. However, no definite date can be ascribed to the composition of the Vedas as the generational descend of the texts in Vedic periods was by literary oral tradition, which was then a precise and elaborate technique.

There are four Vedas:

The basic Vedic texts are the Samhita “Collections” of the four Vedas:

RIG VEDA- “Knowledge of the Hymns of Praise”, For Recitation.

SAMA VEDA- “Knowledge of the Melodies”, For Chanting.

YAJUR VEDA – “Knowledge of the Sacrificial formulas”, For Lliturgy.

ATHARVA VEDA- “Knowledge of the Magic formulas”, Named after a kind of group of priests.

The Rigveda,  Rig Veda SAMHITAS Mantras and Benedictions (Totality) Veda has been sub classified as Veda, Vedanga, Upanga, Brahmana, Upa Veda, Ayur Veda and Pratishakhyas – As the ANCIENT RISHIS and many Modern Physicists Say, Consciousness is the one thing out of which all existence is born. Consciousness (RISHI) becoming conscious of itself, perceives itself as other (CHHANDAS), and duality is born. Let’s take a closer look at that process.

Inherent in that dynamic is a third thing (DEVATA). The Devata value is the actual process/mechanic of Knowing. Contained within every Syllable, Sloka, And Verse of The Veda is a wholeness value, containing the full knowledge of the totality in seed form. The wholeness value of the verses is only there when the Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas are named. This is why the verses of the Veda when chanted must be preceded with the statement of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas values.

VED is not an intellectual concept that only intellectually reveals the reality at the basis of creation. Rik Ved, the source of the dynamics of creation in the self-referral state of consciousness, is the holistic expression of the organizing power of pure knowledge.

Rik Ved presents the mechanics of transformation of the unified value of Natural Law into the diversified values of all the innumerable Laws of Nature that uphold life everywhere, and uphold the evolution of life everywhere.

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